Darren saw our strengths and celebrated them…


When asked what makes Kehillah exceptional, Rabbi Darren Kleinberg is always quick to credit the passionate educators and the amazing students at the heart of our institution. To hear him tell it, he simply stumbled upon our magic seven years ago, and it wooed him into being our Head of School. And, to be clear, he’s not wrong. We are an inspiring bunch, for sure. Our educators are rad and our students are mind blowing. Each person here understands that being a part of a community means that we have responsibility to something bigger than ourselves and we act upon that knowledge every day. It is a little magic to be here. But we did not create that magic all on our own. The truth is, like a masterful chef with great ingredients, or an artist with just the right colors, Darren recognized our potential…and built upon it. He saw our strengths and celebrated them; held them up as the shining examples that they are. He also guided us to take a hard look at our weaknesses and worked with us to heal them thoughtfully.Darren welcoming new families, 2015

A transformational leader creates, shares, and fights for his team’s mission alongside them, as dedicated as those he leads. During his tenure, Darren embodied that. He intentionally gave of his time to both inspire and be inspired by our students, faculty, and staff, so that we could create our story together. It was not always fun, nor easy. But the magic prevailed. Together, we have transitioned from a pretty good group of individual educators and students to an inspiring, community-focused institution that seeks to create something greater in our world. We would not have achieved it without him, and he could not have envisioned it without us. That is the best kind of magic.

Graduation 2016

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