Kehillah’s English Department focuses on developing critical thinking, writing, and communication skills using literary texts as the focus. Classes utilize discussion to stimulate deeper engagement with the texts and students are asked to write in a variety of modes in response to what they read. The department has an overall four-year writing goal to develop skills through the use of persuasive, analytical, and creative writing assignments.

The multi-step writing process emphasizes that revision is just as important as initial conception of ideas and students learn how to improve the fluidity and clarity of their writing. Along with these written assignments, the classes engage with a variety of alternative assessments that encourage students to think about the texts from different angles, including creative pieces that are inspired by the literature they read.

English Department Faculty

The History Department instills in students the habits of mind necessary to think critically about the past and its impact on the present in service of the fulfillment of the obligations of citizenship. For us, history is not a set of content to be memorized; it is a complex narrative constructed from multiple perspectives that must be understood and analyzed in order to tell a larger story of patterns and trends over time. 

To accomplish this, we strengthen the skill of document interpretation with a particular focus on source, perspective, and context. Students practice cross-cultural comparison, cause and effect analysis, and historical periodization through various projects, simulations, debates, and creative activities. In turn, the students communicate their understanding of the past through multiple modes of assessment: written, oral, and digital. At Kehillah, it is the goal of the History Department that students construct their understanding not only of the past, but of their present and future as well.

History Department Faculty

The Kehillah Jewish Studies Department is innovative and looks to engage students in intellectual, academic, spiritual, and social ways. At Kehillah, the Jewish Studies department draws on the 3000 years of tradition, lore, and wisdom, which it combines with the best of modern pedagogy. The Jewish Studies Department meets students where they are at in terms of traditional Jewish learning, language skills, and content knowledge. We create courses to meet the needs of our diverse student body.

Jewish Studies Department Faculty

The Mathematics Department at Kehillah brings together a rich mathematics curriculum and a supportive faculty to meet the needs of all students. Through a variety of classroom activities and teaching techniques, the math department strives to instill in students a deep conceptual understanding of problem-solving, with an emphasis on critical thinking and applications. Students are held responsible for knowing not just how to do a particular problem or technique, but also why it works, and when to employ a particular approach.

Students must be able to explain and justify the reasoning process taken to arrive at a particular solution and demonstrate a depth of understanding. Creative strategies, logic, synthesis, and analysis are emphasized. Together, we build a solid mastery of the techniques and processes necessary for students to achieve creative, innovative, and elegant math solutions.

Math Department Faculty

Physical education at Kehillah is flexible and customizable. Students are required to complete a year of physical education in order to graduate. The requirement can be met in-school by taking one of Kehillah’s P.E. course, such as physical conditioning or by participating in one of Kehillah’s competitive sports teams. Alternatively, the requirement can be met by engaging in a regular program of activity outside of school for one year or the equivalent. Students have met this requirement through individual dance, workout, rock climbing and other programs.

Physical fitness at Kehillah is enhanced with a complimentary student membership to the state-of-the-art Oshman Family JCC fitness center across the street from campus.

Physical Education Department Faculty

The mission of Kehillah’s Science Department is to develop critical thinkers and problem solvers by providing access to a variety of courses that will support the creativity and curiosity of all students. Through the application of conceptual and mathematical models, lab-based inquiry, and collaboration in the classroom, our students will be able to apply their scientific and analytical skills to design solutions to real-world questions. Our goal is to prepare our students to be informed citizens who will be ready to meet the scientific and ethical challenges of the future.

Science & Engineering Department Faculty

Kehillah offers inspiring and challenging curricula in the Visual and Performing Arts including; music, music theory, studio art, digital art, and drama. Our VPA faculty are all accomplished, working artists themselves and are therefore able to provide real-world challenges and industry-standard technology in our curriculum. Courses are tailored to individual needs and focus on learning through hands-on experience, collaboration, and critique. Each class is specifically crafted to assist each student in forging enduring habits of lifelong learning, love of the arts, and creative expression.

Visual & Performing Arts (VPA) Department Faculty

The World Languages Department at Kehillah endeavors to equip students with the linguistic and cultural skills to flourish in an interdependent world. Our program reflects a conviction that students engage most deeply in language learning when skills building is integrated with the study of history, culture, and the contemporary world. We strive to create an environment that supports the learning needs, styles, and goals of every student.

  • We cultivate in our students the ability to speak, write, listen, and read in a second language. We believe it is important to prepare students to communicate with clarity and confidence in a wide range of social, academic, professional, and virtual settings.
  • We value cultural understanding, curiosity, and competency, and promote opportunities for students to explore the intersections between their own cultural identities and the many forms of linguistic and cultural expression around the world.
  • We are invested in helping students develop habits of mind that will serve them as learners, citizens, and leaders over the course of their lifetimes. Our department is intentional in fostering in students the courage to learn from mistakes and take risks, to provide and receive constructive feedback, and to embrace the responsibility and pleasure of pursuing independent learning. 
  • We are committed to pedagogical approaches that ensure access to language learning for students of all levels and learning styles. We believe technology can be a useful component of language instruction, but place primacy on the human and social contexts in which language is created, consumed, and taught.

World Languages Department Faculty


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