Tuition and Financial Aid

Below are frequently asked questions
about tuition and financial aid: 

What does it cost to attend Kehillah?

Tuition for 2023-2024 is $57,745. Kehillah’s Board of Trustees will set tuition for 2024-2025 in February 2024. In addition to tuition, students must purchase textbooks (new or used), which can cost $400 to $800 per year, depending on the student’s courses. Tuition includes most school activities, including retreats, and most of the cost of class trips.

What payment plans does Kehillah offer?

There are three payment plans:

  1. Plan A: Tuition is paid in full by July 20.
  2. Plan B: 60% of tuition is due on July 20 and 40% on September 20.
  3. Plan C: 10 monthly payments by automatic debit beginning in July and ending in April.

A 1% service fee is charged when selecting Plan B, and a 4% service fee is charged when selecting plan C.

Is financial aid available?

Kehillah is committed to ensuring that a Kehillah education remains accessible to qualified students regardless of their economic circumstances. Kehillah awards financial aid on the basis of demonstrated need and the availability of funds. Financial aid decisions are made independently from admissions decisions and in no way affect a candidate’s chances for admission. The Financial Aid Committee members, other than the Director of Admissions & Enrollment Management, are not provided with a family’s identifying information and the family’s financial information is kept strictly confidential.

How is a family's need determined?

Families submit detailed financial information (income, expenses, assets and liabilities) through Clarity, an on-line application tool. The Clarity software recommends an award based on each family’s individual situation, adjusted for the cost of living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Kehillah’s Financial Aid Committee reviews the recommendation to ensure that all available information has been taken into account and then finalizes the award. The Committee members, other than the Director of Admissions & Enrollment Management, do not view the names or other identifying information of the applicant families.

How do we apply for aid?

Click on the Clarity icon below to begin your application. You may log in and out of the program while in the process of completing it. The fee for application is $60. 

How long do financial aid awards last?

Each award is for one year. Families must reapply annually for aid. Awards tend not to vary greatly year to year unless there is a significant change in a family’s resources.

When do I find out whether my student will receive financial aid?

Financial aid awards are emailed with a student’s offer of admission to Kehillah in March.

We are grateful to the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund
for providing financial support for our school.


apply for financial aid

To learn more about payment plans and Kehillah’s financial aid program,
contact Dave Weiner, Director of Admissions.


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