Robin Feldman
Board Member

Robin Feldman is the Arthur J. Goldberg Distinguished Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Innovation at the University of California Hastings. She has published 4 books and more than 70 articles in law journals including at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Oxford as well as in the American Economic Review and the New England Journal of Medicine. Professor Feldman testifies frequently before Congress and federal and state agencies. Her work on pharmaceutical pricing and innovation has been widely cited by legislators and regulators. 


Professor Feldman participated in the GAO’s report to Congress on AI, the Army Cyber Institute’s threat casting exercise on weaponization of data, and the National Academies of Sciences roundtable on AI and the life sciences. In addition to her scholarship, Professor Feldman runs the Startup Legal Garage, which provides free legal work to 60 early-stage technology and life science companies each year.


Professor Feldman is a mother of five, including 3 Kehillah graduates and one current Kehillah student.