Robert Stewart
Biology / Dean of Science

Robert Stewart has over 30 years teaching experience in the Biological Sciences at Community Colleges in the United Kingdom, the United States, and in the International Baccalaureate High Schools in Cairo, Egypt, The French American International High School, and Quarry Lane High School in the Bay Area.

Robert has held management and administrative positions including the roles of Head of School at a college in Oxfordshire, UK, Director of Admissions and Marketing at Community College in Colorado, and as a College Counselor, Director of Careers and Higher Education at the International British School in Cairo, Egypt. Robert has worked for Non-Profit Life Sciences Organization, Washington DC, with the role of promoting Inquiry Based Learning and the use of technology in Science Teaching. He delivered teacher workshops that focused upon Biology and Microbiology and the use of student centered, collaborative project work, and inquiry led laboratory investigations.

Robert Stewart is a Chartered Biologist and Member of the Society for Biology, London. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Salford University, M.Ed. in Education from University of West London, and Post Graduate degrees from the Hull University, and Reading University, UK

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