Women in Science Club

WIS aspires to inspire. The Women in Science Club (WIS), founded and run at Kehillah by Sophie Burkhardt aspires to inspire. In hopes of closing the gender gap in the sciences, the club invites women who excel in their profession to come speak about what they do, and how they got to where they are. They tell their story, their accomplishments, and their struggles. After hearing their words, we get to ask questions we have, in order to find out if this profession interests us. ​ Not everyone could make it to every meeting, but still wanted to hear what the speaker for the week had to say, so I began sending recordings to members who missed the meetings. After a little thinking, I decided to create a blog, so the world could listen to what these inspirations have to say. ​ Hopefully this page helps you find out what interests you in the sciences and offers you advice on choosing any profession, from people who have years of experience and knowledge. Check out my blog: https://www.womeninscience.club/

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