Teaching at a Glance

At Kehillah, we believe deeply in the role of self-discovery to prepare students for meaningful lives. We have designed a program that will help students better understand the world and themselves, and enable them to create extraordinary futures. The classroom experience at Kehillah includes critical inquiry, experimentation, debate, discussion and a multiplicity of thought. We challenge and support each student to reach his or her potential.

Kehillah has been intentional in building a community of educators who are leading practitioners, thinkers, and innovators in their fields. Our educators bring richly diverse backgrounds and talents to bear on their teaching craft and are deeply committed to expanding the intellectual and human potential of our students.

Teachers at Kehillah are dedicated to delivering engaging curriculum that facilitates active learning. Full-time teachers lead up to five classes, depending on departmental needs. The average class size is 13 students. Kehillah also has varied, predetermined responsibilities which will need to be fulfilled outside of those hours, such as weekly staff meetings, Student Success Team meetings, open houses, etc. We have set up our daily, weekly, and yearly student experiences to reflect our priority to learn together, celebrate together, and maintain a school/life balance.

The daily, weekly, and year-round rhythms of life at Kehillah reinforce our commitment to cultivating an environment where students learn together and celebrate together as a community.

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