Kristina Gibbs, of NASA AMES, Discusses Growing Plants in Space

Kristina Gibbs
Deputy Director
Director of International Partnerships
Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute

Ms. Gibbs came to talk with students about the plant research she did in collaboration with scientists from Russia in the MIR station and plant experiments in the ISS since the class is working on the Growing Beyond Earth project.

Kristina Gibbs has made a career facilitating NASA Ames research projects and programs.

She is a project manager with a science background and is currently the Deputy Director of the Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI). Prior to her current position, Kristina supported space life sciences payloads and was a contract department head and manager for life science experiment teams virtual institutes.

In addition, Kristina managed several highly successful summer student research programs, including the NASA Ames Academy programs and the Space Life Sciences Training Program. Kristina started her career supporting space life science payloads and collaborating with Russian scientists for experiments on the Mir Space Station. She continued to manage spaceflight payloads on the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station and will share her experiences with managing plant growth experiments on Mir Space Station and the ISS with us today.

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