Kehillah Response to Uvalde



As we learn about the most recent school shooting in the US, it’s perfectly understandable to feel frustrated and angry at how little seems to have changed to prevent these atrocities from continuing to happen. But positive societal change doesn’t happen simply because we wish it so and post about it on social media–it’s the result of the collective, organized actions of many people as they use their different gifts, talents, resources, and voices to achieve a common goal. There are several organizations that are (and have been) advocating for tangible ways to address gun violence in our country. If you feel compelled to do something, connect with one of them and look for ways you might use your own strengths to help. Here are a few:


Moms Demand Action

Brady Campaign


Additionally, here is a list of verified Gofundme fundraisers for those directly impacted by the shooting in Uvalde.

We shared a community message regarding the recent events in Uvalde, Texas, you can view that message HERE.

If anyone would like to process their reactions to the violence, they are welcome to speak with our School Counselor, Sarah Lesser, LCSW. She can be reached at or you can make an appointment with her HERE

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