Connecting with Our Extraordinary Alumni: Career Day 2022

Kehillah alumni came out to share their experiences with the current graduating class. Each of them shared their contact info with the students to continue the conversation beyond the classroom. All of them were authentic, inspiring, and delightful and we are so grateful that they took the time to revisit the halls of Kehillah. They toured and got swag to bring a piece of Kehillah with them. There were smiles and hellos to the faces that they recognize still on campus while new connections were fostered. Mr. Romero impresses everyone with his fantastic memory of all but one alum (a graduate of the first Kehillah class in history!).

We are excited by the prospect that, in the not-too-distant future, children of alum may walk Kehillah’s halls.


Rachel Fainstein – Math Specialist for Santa Clara Unified School District – “I graduated with a BS in applied mathematics from UCLA in 2010 and then went on to get an M.Ed in social justice Ed with an emphasis is secondary math and a single subject teaching credential from UCLA. I spent 3 years teaching in south LA, moved to Campbell Union high school district where I spent 4 years teaching full time and 3 teaching part-time while being an instructional coach. I am now the secondary math specialist for Santa Clara unified…. My passion is teaching under-represented students. Social justice and educational equity are at the core of what I do.”

Ariel Flaster – Cyber Security Lockeed Martin – “I do offensive cyber for Lockheed Martin … I would love to offer advice on majors and college choices. I struggled a lot with those decisions and want to help others get through them as well.” Ariel was also the founder of Bridge Club at Kehillah, a student-lead club still thriving to this day!

Sarah Sleeter Magzimof – Works at Apple VCM Services. Sarah studied at Columbia, lived in Israel, returned to Palo Alto, and is currently a mother of three and working at Apple. She shared with students her insights around life abroad and her unique and interesting career path that lead to where she is today.

Eitan Simler – Engineering, AI, and Start-ups “I graduated Kehillah in 2015, studied at Cal Poly and now work as a software engineer. I have good experience with interviewing (on both sides) so if you’re looking for advice, please ask away!”

Maddie Bennet – Occupational Therapy
Maddie has studied at Pitzer, one of the Claremont schools in SoCal, and at San Jose State University … and she has returned to Kehillah to coach and support Kehillah athletics. (Go Rams!)

Sara Cady – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Masters of Science who works as “Small Animal rotating Intern” at VCA Aurora Specialty Animal hospital and Emergency in the Chicago area.

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