A Light-Hearted Passover Intro by our JLC

How do you present Jewish holidays in an intentional, meaningful, and inclusive way? This year, for Passover, our JLC (Jewish Life Committee) put together a celebratory and fun Seder experience for Kehillah students as we went “back to fancy” in the MPR, with our Passover Beit Midrash.
The Beit Midrash was light but also serious. Indeed, JLC students had the chance to learn from and work with Deborah Schneider, YouthFirst Program Manager at Jewish Family and Children’s Services (and a Kehillah parent!). On the basis of their work and learning with her, JLC students taught their peers about the ongoing existence of child labor in the chocolate industry. Our table facilitators helped students consider what they might do as individuals to make a difference as citizens and consumers, and our community then publically considered tactics for social change. In addition, students sang the traditional four questions, searched for the afikomen, participated in an egg race, and much more.

For a deeper dive into the significance of this poignant and beloved holiday, check out Dr. Josh Krug’s Passover Pop-Up and/or his reflections on the meaning of Passover.

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