Lunch on Campus

Our longtime and wonderful chef, Hillary, retired last summer and we wish her the very best. The availability of the JCC also changed this year and that places greater limits on our students who relied on their café for protein lunches. Due to these factors, in combination with the changeable nature of our on-campus presence this year, we are asking students to bring a Kosher-style lunch (no pork, shellfish, or meat/dairy combination) when we are able to welcome them back in person. Rember, we are a peanut-free facility.  


In addition to consulting several Kehillah parents, we spoke with Rabbi Ezzy Schusterman about our plan and he assured us that a kosher meal and a non-kosher meal eaten outside at the same table will not conflict with our commitment to keeping kosher as long as food is set upon a clean surface. We will provide wipes to clean the table after each use. This will add another layer of COVID safety as well. 

  •   Lunch will be eaten outside, physically spaced, at individual tables.
  •   Sharing food will not be allowed.
  •   Students are not required to mask while they are eating. 
  •   Lunches should be packed with cooling blocks or prepared so they do not need refrigeration.
  •   With parent permission, juniors and seniors with off-campus privileges will still be allowed to leave campus for lunch. 
  •   For families that would like to purchase kosher food, we recommend this link for resources.
  •   Door-Dashing lunch is not allowed.