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We are thrilled to offer Café Kehillah to our community

Café Kehillah is back open with a fresh new menu and fantastic options for all flavor palettes!

Daily salad bar and build-your-own sandwich bar will be alongside rotating vegetarian/pescatarian entreé options, “grab & go” packaged sandwiches, baked goods, and MORE.

The kitchen will ensure that every member of our community can find something delicious to enjoy, regardless of dietary needs (YES – that means parve, gluten-free, and dairy-free options will always be accessible).

Café Kehillah is ingredient kosher and pescatarian. Our offerings will be fresh, locally sourced, cruelty-free, and sustainable. If you’re curious about the menu for the coming year, join the (virtual) Town Hall Wednesday night, August 9th 7:00 pm – 8:00pm, to hear more about our lunch program and see a sample menu of what we will be offering in the coming year.

Please welcome Chef Morris to our community, we are so excited to enjoy her culinary expertise.

To introduce our community to the new lunch program, meals will be complimentary during the month of August. Signing up is easy! Click to sign-up below.

Questions about the lunch program? Email Chef Morris or our Director of Event Operations, Deena Riddle.

Deena Riddle
Director of Event Operations

Michelle Morris
Sous Chef


Bringing your lunch from home?

Please be respectful of kosher style (no mixing of meat and milk products, no shellfish or pork).

Kehillah has microwaves available for student use conveniently located in the café area.

We have two microwaves dedicated to those who keep strictly Kosher.  One for Hechshered (rabbinical certification) Kosher Meat/Parve products, and another for Hechshered Kosher Dairy/Parve products. Please do not use a Kosher microwave if the food item you are heating up is either not Kosher or not in a Kosher dish.  We also have a microwave that is for those who don’t keep strictly kosher.

The JCC also has lunch options. More information below.

Nearby Take-Out Lunch Options

On the campus of the OFJCC you can find the following kosher options available:

Ma’lawah Bar

Holy Sushi

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