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We want to thank our community, our Kehillah, for your support and understanding as we have responded to the myriad of shifts caused by COVID-19.  Teachers and students have done an amazing job educating and learning with our previous pedagogical model flipped on its head. Our motto for the year has been, “do more with less.” This has caused us to really examine who we are as a school and what parts of our curriculum are the most important. No longer able to rely on culture being created in passing in the halls, it has been built with intentionality, focusing on the parts of Kehillah we love, the parts that we missed when we all locked ourselves away in our bedrooms last spring.  

We are ecstatic to bring students and staff back on campus, so we can celebrate and build upon everything that we have done well as a school.  As expected, the campus we will be entering this March will be different than the one we left a year ago. There are new health guidelines in place and classrooms will be both inside and outside with desks spaced 6 feet apart. Some students and staff will remain at home, but we will welcome them into our building via zoom.  But we are confident that the care we have always had for each other will remain, regardless if you are joining us by zoom or walking in our (one-way traffic only) halls.

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The COVID-19 pandemic presents the most disruptive global public health crisis we’ve ever experienced.

As the world has been disrupted, so have the plans, expectations, and lives of our families, and our children’s education. There is no way to sugar-coat this and, although we can find many silver linings of extra family time and a slower pace of living, we yearn to return to how things used to be (or some semblance of that.) This, in and of itself, is a silver lining. Through the loss of our Kehillah experience we recognize its salience in our lives and how important it is for us to find a way to maintain as much of it as possible in an online or hybrid environment. 

We know learning is best facilitated in-person and the community our school provides is instrumental to our students’ social-emotional wellbeing and mental health. This knowing lies in opposition to the reality that in-person schooling may create a higher risk than we are willing to take with a virus that appears to affect 10-19 year olds similarly to adults and has no treatment or vaccine. 

As a community committed to taking responsibility for ourselves and others, we must choose to protect the physical health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff. To do so, we will continue to monitor Santa Clara COVID data and consult with OSHA, public health, and medical professionals throughout every decision process. 

As a community committed to taking responsibility for our learning, we must work together to provide the best possible teaching and learning environment in spite of the limitations of this pandemic. 


We appreciate your support, flexibility, and the understanding that you will need to do your part as well. Returning to campus and remaining open for in-person learning will require a commitment and discipline from each one of us.  View our full reopening plan and  COVID-19 School Guidance Checklist. 


We have laid out a plan to provide a number of options for the remainder of the Spring semester. We are hopeful that we will be able to play basketball, but we will need to enter the yellow tier to play games. For more info CLICK HERE



Q: What do students need to return to campus?



Alignment With Considerations

For more information and to view a sample student schedule: CLICK HERE


All members of our in person community are required to test weekly at Kehillah.  Testing will take place on Mondays.  Complete your testing forms HERE


Our Blueprint

CLICK HERE to see a map of our facility with outdoor learning and activity spaces in place.


Open Air Seating Provided

For safety, lunch will be eaten outside, physically spaced, at tables.  More information HERE.


To ensure the safety and well-being of our employees and students, students will be required to follow these health screening steps before entering the campus, MORE HERE


Currently, our policies will remain in place even as our community slowly gets vaccinated. This is because there are still unknowns about vaccines  READ MORE


For a breakdown of some of the measures we’ve taken and will continue to follow in order to ensure a safe reopening, CLICK HERE