Step-by-Step Guide to signing up:

Our After School Program:

Program Updates:

We are excited to bring students back on campus during the second semester!

Kehillah’s goal is to encourage the most engagement from our students and with that in mind we have made a few changes from the first semester’s program.

The Academic Study Haven:

Our academic support area will remain open during all Kehillah B’Yachad program times. There will be a maximum of five(5) spots. If we have greater demand, we will support the program accordingly.

Upcoming Schedule:

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 Tuesdays, Wednesdays   &   Thursdays

Kehillah B’Yachad is an after-school program that will consist of 90-minute blocks on Tuesday and Thursday, as well as a 120-minute block on Wednesday.  The time will provide students with opportunities to begin their transition back to campus, and participate in a variety of exercise, academic, and social activities.

There will be a mix of organized activities as well as time for students to relax, socialize, and do homework.  Each day will be a little bit different, and has the potential to broaden social circles, learn new skills, and get to know members of the community.  

We want to encourage in-person socializing and being away from screens, unless they are being used specifically for an activity.

All activities will be held outside and students will be expected to stay distanced and masked for the duration of the event.  We ask all parents to support our expectations for consistency in safe and healthy behavior.

As optimistic as we are about putting Kehillah B’Yachad together, we want the community to be equally cognizant about our individual and collective actions.  We are taking many measures to lessen the potential of infection, but there is no way to guarantee 0% spread of COVID-19.  Our success is dependent on all of us working together to keep our Kehillah safe.

Wednesdays: Grade Level Programming

12:30pm – 2:30pm

Each Wednesday students will have an opportunity to meet on campus.

Wednesdays will have a combination of organized activities as well as open time for students to participate in a variety of activities that will be similar to the Kehillah B’Yachad After-School options.

Study Haven

Our academic support area will be available for students that would like a place to study. There will be a maximum of five(5) spots. If we have greater demand, we will support the program accordingly.


[CLICK HERE for Visual Guide]

    • Register on Upace for the event 
    • Complete your FeverFree Check-in before arriving at Kehillah
    • Drop off or self-park according to map
    • Check-in with staff upon arriving

After checking in with staff…

Choose some activities to participate in for the day.

Here’s an examples of a day at Kehillah B’Yachad

  • 4:30: Athletic Conditioning for 30-45 minutes
  • 5:15: Relax and hang out with friends, and/or meet some new friends
  • 5:45: Participate in a variety of activities

There are a wide variety of activities available on most days:

  • Academic Study Haven
  • Ping Pong Tables
  • Cornhole
  • Big Block Jenga
  • Various Sports Equipment: Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Frisbee
  • Card Games
  • 4-Square
  • Basketball Hoop – Bring your own basketball
  • Poker and Black Jack 
  • Getting to know the administration
  • Athletic Conditioning

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many students will be allowed on campus for Kehillah B’Yachad?
It will depend on the Santa Clara County tier:

  • • Regional Stay at Home: 25
  • • Purple: 40
  • • Red: 60
  • • Orange: 100

When will grade-level programming resume?
Kehillah B’Yachad will resume grade-level programming when we enter the red tier.

What are we doing about safety?

  • Activities will be held outside
  • All students and supervisors will be wearing masks and socially distanced
  • Security Guards on site
  • Pre-screening using the FeverFree App
  • Check in when you get to Kehillah
  • Supervisors continuously checking to make sure everybody is wearing a mask and socially distancing
  • All participants will need to sign a permission slip

What do we need to do to sign up?

  • Sign up for Upace to register for the event
  • After you have registered, you will be sent signup information for Fever Free

Will there be bathrooms and hand washing areas?

  • Yes, restrooms and hand washing stations that will be monitored and cleaned every hour.
  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available in multiple areas.

What will I need to do for the pre-screening before attending?

  • In advance of arriving, students will need to sign up and complete their FeverFree screening before getting in line to check in.
  • Upon arriving, students will be dropped off or self-park and get in line for the check-in.

Can we carpool with other students or take public transit?

  • Kehillah would prefer that students do not carpool or take public transit to the event, but if that is the only way to attend, please make sure you abide by the same safety guidelines (mask, as distanced as possible), windows cracked or open.
  • Siblings can be in the same car with no restrictions, unless others are in the carpool.

What happens if there are lots of people that want to do the same activities?  Wouldn’t they just be huddled around?

  • In the event that we have increased demand for certain programs, we will create a waiting list and rotate according to how many people are waiting to participate.

Where will the program be located?

  • In the Kehillah parking lot, with different activities spread out to keep groups distanced.  
  • The homework/academic area will be held near the Kehillah main entrance.
  • The social activities will be held in the back section of the parking lot.
  • NO activities will be held inside the building

What are the cancellation policies regarding the following: Covid-19, Weather, AQI?

  • COVID-19: If 5% of the participants are infected we will cancel the program until it is deemed safe to reopen.
  • Weather: Canopies with removable walls in case of cold, hot, windy weather.  “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.”
  • Air Quality: If it is above 100 we will cancel the day’s activities

What if somebody needs a moment to take off their mask?

  • We will position some designated areas for people to take off their masks.
  • These areas will not be congregation areas, and will be 1 person at a time.

What if somebody begins to show symptoms while they are at Kehillah B’Yachad?

  • We have an infirmary tent separated from all of the other activities.
  • The student will be assessed and a parent or guardian will be contacted and asked to go home.
  • Students will not be cleared to return until after a negative COVID-19 test or a letter from a doctor otherwise explaining the symptoms.

Is there a maximum number of days I can attend each week?

  • We would like to have as many students as possible each week.
  • Please sign up for one date per week, and if there are still spaces a day or two before the additional date you are interested in you can sign up for an additional date.

Will there be a water dispenser?

  • Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottle.

Will food be provided and/or can I bring food?

  • Students will not be allowed to eat while attending Kehillah B’Yachad

Where will exercise take place, for how long, what type, and what should I bring?

  • Once we are out of the purple tier, we will plan to move exercise over to the OFJCC.
  • Until that point, exercise will take place at Kehillah.
  • Exercise will be low exertion so that you can keep your mask on.  Possibilities include: yoga, core, light cardio, bodyweight exercises.
  • Students should bring their own exercise (yoga) mat, water bottle.
    • If you do not have an exercise mat, Kehillah and the OFJCC can provide a mat, but you will need to wipe it down after use.

For art and music will supplies and instruments be provided?

  • Students will need to bring their own instruments.
  • For smaller art projects there may be some supplies provided, but bigger projects students should bring their own supplies.

Is participation in Kehillah B’Yachad mandatory?

  • No, this program is voluntary.

Follow Steps 1-7 above. Download the necessary apps listed and check out the video below for detailed directions.

Download the Upace App and Fever Free at the Apple Store or on Google Play:




HERE is a helpful pdf of instructions additionally.

We’ve also have this step-by-step visual guide:

Safety Measures: 

  • • Pre-screening using the FeverFree App.
  • • Distanced waiting line to check-in when you get to Kehillah.
  • • Supervisors to make sure students are wearing masks and socially distancing
  • • Restrooms and hand washing station that will be monitored and cleaned every hour
  • • All activities will be held outside
  • • Canopies with removable walls in case of cold, hot, windy weather.  “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.”
  • • Air Quality cancellations – If it is above 100 we will cancel the day’s activities.  We will be using Airnow.gov
  • • Tables situated to create natural boundaries for social distancing
  • • Hand Sanitizer and hand wipes
  • • Students are encouraged to bring their own supplies/equipment
  • • Areas for students to take a few breaths without a mask on

Follow the safety guidelines as outlined HERE to keep us all safe & together!

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