IMPORTANT Announcement about Café Kehillah

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Dear Kehillah,

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “Change is the only constant in life.” The same could be said in reference to the dynamic nature of schools. 

I’m writing today to let you know of a change in our Café Kehillah food program. Events Director and Kitchen Manager, Deena Riddle, has taken an opportunity to lead advancement at an area school and has resigned from her position at Kehillah. Of course, our midday hunger cannot stand in the way of her progress and we wish her the very best in this new endeavor. Congratulations, Deena!

Beginning September 19, we will be transitioning to Sage Dining. We have a long-standing relationship with Sage, and know their work from hundreds of other independent schools including Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School. While we ask for patience while they ramp up to an early November start with us, we expect that their deep experience and nationally renowned professionalism will smooth the way.

Stay tuned for more details and links to information about Sage and how to sign up for the new program.


There is such thing as a free lunch!

Through September 16, everything is the same with Deena and Chef Michelle leading the kitchen. 

During the transition time September 19 – early November (exact date TBD) Sage will be setting up the kitchen and preparing their full service to reopen Café Kehillah. 

To stay out of their way, we will be slightly reducing our service and not charging anyone:

  1. Salad bar
  2. Sandwich bar
  3. Drinks
  4. Grab-n-go snacks 


“I have paid already.” – Your funds are secure and recorded. We will provide a refund for the school days during the bridging time 9/19-11/?  (prorated @ $10/day) per paid family. You will be able to transfer your sign-up to Sage. We are looking at the best online system to support this. Details to come.

“I have signed up but couldn’t pay due to a technical issue.” – Wait to hear more about moving your sign-up to Sage. We are looking at the best online system to support this. The reduced fee will reflect the bridging time and the remainder of the dining year.

“I want to sign up.” – Enjoy the free food during our bridging time. In the next couple of weeks, you will receive more information about what Sage offers and how to sign up. 

“I do not plan to be part of the lunch program.” You are welcome to eat for free during the transition. 

As always, we are working to make this the very best place to come to school! We are grateful for our patient and supportive community. 

Warm regards, 

Daisy Pellant, Ph.D.

Head of School 

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