Vaccination Record Collection

Kehillah is collecting vaccination information in FeverFree with the California Digital Covid-19 Vaccination Record QR code. 

Let me unpack that sentence for you with steps:

  1. The California Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record gives you a scannable QR code with information about your vaccine.  Get yours hereBe sure to save your QR code as a screenshot so it is ready to upload from your photos.
  2. In FeverFree, click ‘Vaccination Records.’
  3. The screen that opens will ask you to upload an image of proof of vaccination, please upload the QR code from step 1. 
  4. Answer the two follow-up questions about your vaccination.

If you have already submitted your vaccination status in FeverFree, it has been accepted (unless you have explicitly heard otherwise from us). 

If you need an exemption or have questions,

please contact: Talia Anders,

Director of Health and Safety/Academic Operations Manager

Additional information about our COVID-19 Response at:

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