Do NOT download the GVP mobile app. You should open GVP in your browser only through the links below.


(one time process)

  • Click CREATE ACCOUNT and click “Join”
  • Enter the Kehillah student/employee email address, first name, and last name
  • Create a password then click “Create Account”
  • You will be sent an email to confirm your account
  • Confirm account via email and log-in.
  • Once logged-in, click on your name in the upper right corner and select “My Profile”
  • Complete your information as requested in the “General Information” and “Insurance Information” tabs
  • Click “My Circle” and click “Insert” to add any family members who may also receive COVID-19 testing.
  • Once all family members have been added, click “confirm”.
  • Once your account is created you can take the step to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT by clicking on the link below (See steps at the right)


(schedule weekly)

  • CLICK HERE to Schedule an Appointment
  • Select the type of test you wish to schedule
  • Select for whom you would like to schedule an appointment (if you have added others to your circle.) 
  • If you do not see the person for whom you are trying to schedule, click “My Profile” and go to “My Circle” to add a family member
  • Select the date of testing
  • Select an appointment time
  • You will be prompted to sign and complete all forms online. You will not have to bring any paperwork with you on the day of testing
  • Once all steps are completed, you will receive an on-screen confirmation of your appointment as well as an email confirmation
  • If you need to schedule another appointment for yourself or a circle user, click “Home” and you should be taken back to the scheduling page
  • You can view your scheduled appointments by clicking “My Schedule” and then clicking “History”
  • If you wish to cancel your scheduled appointment, click “History” within “My Schedule” and click the “X” icon next to the appointment you wish to cancel.

Day of Testing

  • • By signing up through GVP, the patient will not need to bring anything with them the day of testing
  • • The patient will provide the nurse with their name and verify their date of birth at the time of testing
  • • If anyone arrives at the test site without a prior appointment scheduled, the nurse will have a QR code available for direct access to the scheduling page to order their on-site test for that day.

Accessing Results

  • • Results will be available within 48 hours in your GVP account and/or through the LSA Patient Portal. Please click the button below for instructions how to see lab results.
Future Testing Dates 

COVID testing occurs every Thursday. The table below shows adjustments to the testing schedule.

DateReschedule Date
Thursday, September 16Friday, September 17
Thursday, November 4Wednesday, November 3
Thursday, November 24Tuesday, November 23