Do NOT download the GVP mobile app. You should open GVP in your browser only through the links below.


(one time process)

  • Click CREATE ACCOUNT and click “Join”
  • Enter the Kehillah student/employee email address, first name, and last name
  • Create a password then click “Create Account”
  • You will be sent an email to confirm your account
  • Confirm account via email and log-in.
  • Once logged-in, click on your name in the upper right corner and select “My Profile”
  • Complete your information as requested in the “General Information” and “Insurance Information” tabs
  • Click “My Circle” and click “Insert” to add any family members who may also receive COVID-19 testing.
  • Once all family members have been added, click “confirm”.
  • Once your account is created you can take the step to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT by clicking on the link below (See steps below)


(schedule weekly)

  • CLICK HERE to Schedule an Appointment
  • Select the type of test you wish to schedule (Antigen)
  • Select for whom you would like to schedule an appointment (if you have added others to your circle.) 
  • If you do not see the person for whom you are trying to schedule, click “My Profile” and go to “My Circle” to add a family member
  • Select the date of testing
  • Select an appointment time
  • You will be prompted to sign and complete all forms online. You will not have to bring any paperwork with you on the day of testing.
  • Once all steps are completed, you will receive an on-screen confirmation of your appointment as well as an email confirmation
  • If you need to schedule another appointment for yourself or a circle user, click “Home” and you should be taken back to the scheduling page
  • You can view your scheduled appointments by clicking “My Schedule” and then clicking “History”
  • If you wish to cancel your scheduled appointment, click “History” within “My Schedule” and click the “X” icon next to the appointment you wish to cancel.

Day of Testing

  • By signing up through GVP, the patient will not need to bring anything with them the day of testing
  • The patient will provide the nurse with their name and verify their date of birth at the time of testing
  • If anyone arrives at the test site without a prior appointment scheduled, the nurse will have a QR code available for direct access to the scheduling page to order their on-site test for that day.

Accessing Results

  • • Results will be available within 48 hours in your GVP account and/or through the LSA Patient Portal. Please click the button below for instructions how to see lab results.