Summer Assignments

AP Studio Art

Assignment: Click Here

AP Computer Science


AP English Language

Assignment: Click Here

Text required:
Between the World and Me by Ta-Nahesi Coates (ISBN: 978-0812993547)



AP English Literature

Read sections 1 and 2 of The Grapes of Wrath (through chapter 18). Come prepared to write and discuss on day 1.

The Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck (ISBN:; 9780142000663)

AP Government

Assignment: AP Government students are to read and do simple annotations in We The People (1-highlight 2-flag questions by writing a question mark or question, 3-make note of any key ideas) on text pages 1-102 (Lessons 1-14). When students return in the fall, they will answer the 14 lesson questions on their first exam (each lesson has one question found on the first page of the lesson).

Text: We the People, the Citizen and Constitution by Center for Civic Education (ISBN: 9780898182187)



AP US History

Assignment: Click Here

Text: America’s History for the AP Course by Henretta (ISBN: 9781457673825)

AP Calculus AB

Assignment: Click Here


AP Calculus BC



AP Statistics


AP Biology

Assignment: Click Here

Text: Principles of Life: For the AP Course, 2nd Ed, by Hillis et al. (ISBN: 9781464156410)


AP Physics E&M



AP Physics Mechanics


AP Latin

Assignment: You need to read all twelve books of Vergil’s Aeneid in English.  There will be a reading quiz on the major plot points and characters on the SECOND day of class in the fall.

Text: Aeneid by Virgil (ISBN: 9780143106296)


AP Spanish



AP French

Read anything they find in French (magazines, books, articles…) and listen to YouTube in French.

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