Senior Project

In the final weeks of the seniors’ careers at Kehillah Jewish High School, students participate in the Senior Project. The primary goal of the program is to provide students with an opportunity to deepen and explore their intellectual, social and moral interests within professional and community settings. Internships and service-learning projects offer students a way of bringing their Kehillah education to bear on the challenges facing the wider world. At Kehillah, we believe deeply in the role of self-discovery and self-understanding in preparing students for meaningful lives. We have designed a program that we believe will help students better understand themselves and the world, and enable them to create extraordinary futures.

The Senior Project prepares seniors to:

  • Transition to college and an independent environment.
  • Explore professional and community settings.
  • Mentor and teach younger students.
  • Develop presentation skills.

The school has supported students in finding placements within businesses and organizations that support their interests and aspirations.


Project Dates: May 1 – 30

Project Presentations: May 31

Project Overview

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