Get Involved

Your volunteer hours and your involvement in your student’s education are what makes Kehillah such a success. You can volunteer for specific activities or on an as-needed basis.

Co-chairs (2) – Set the dates for and preside at KPA meetings. Give new and present projects due and thoughtful consideration. Work closely with all the Officers, Grade Representatives and Staff as necessary, and meet regularly with the Head of the School or the person he/she designates. Attend Kehillah Board of Directors meetings as a non-voting member. Oversee all the KPA operations. KPA contact person/liaison for the Student Government Body. Moderator for all grade-level Yahoo groups.

Secretary – Record and distribute the minutes of the meetings in an accurate and timely fashion. If unable to attend a meeting, designate another board member to take notes. Add meeting notes to KPA Google Drive (kpakehillah1@gmail.com). Coordinate with the Kehillah Director of Marketing and Communications for KPA content in weekly e-news as well as monthly KPA e-blast.

Treasurer – Oversee the financial dealings of KPA, including disbursements, dues collection, and account management. Report quarterly on expenses, income, and membership. Review requests for reimbursements as needed and forwards to the Business Office Manager to issue a check. Refer special requests for additional budget items to the KPA President or Co-Chairs. Any requests that exceed $100 (one hundred dollars) must be approved by the Executive Committee.

Grade Representative Coordinator – Identify and coordinate Grade Parent Reps. Act as liaison between Co-Chairs and Grade Reps. Organize a kick-off meeting for all the Grade Reps before the beginning of the academic year. Coordinate a list of dates for parent grade-level events. Obtain grade email lists for distribution to Grade Reps. Send information as necessary to Grade Reps for grade level distribution.

Staff Appreciation Coordinator – Coordinate volunteers to organize snacks, breakfasts, lunches, end of the year gifts, and other events to appreciate our teachers and staff.

Parent Social Coordinator – Oversee social events and holiday celebrations that support the KPA mission.

Grade Level Representatives (at least 2 per grade) – Meet with other Grade Reps early in the school year to discuss a schedule and scope of grade-level events and celebrations. Manage dates of events through the Grade Rep Coordinator. Recruit help from grade and other parents as needed. Inform Mitzvah Corps Coordinator of support needed by a Kehillah family.

Staff Appreciation Committee members – As necessary to support the planning and implementation of staff appreciation events.

Parent Social Committee members – As necessary to support the planning and implementation of parent social events.

Mitzvah Corps Coordinator – Using discretion, provides as-needed support for families in need at Kehillah. This support is limited to the students, staff and their immediate family members.

Staff Liaison – Attends KPA meetings. Provides information and guidance about school related issues. Updates school’s staff on KPA activities. Non-voting member.

Immediate Past Co-Chairs – Serve as advisors to incoming KPA Co-chairs. Participate in the KPA meetings as needed.

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