Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year! 

When I was a kid, my dad remarked that my favorite sentence was, “I can’t wait…” because I had a well-entrenched habit of only looking ahead, excited about what was coming down the road. “I can’t wait until summer!” “I can’t wait until my birthday!” “I can’t wait for school to start!” 

It wasn’t until much later in life that I learned to be in the present, to savor the now, and to notice a moment in time rather than always looking toward the future. 

That said, I couldn’t wait for this school year. Really. Here are my Top 10 reasons:

  1. We have 52 new students joining us! We’re looking forward to getting to know them and joining their Kehillah journey.
  2. We have 9 wonderful new faculty joining us. We are so lucky that they have chosen to bring their expertise and energy to Kehillah.
  3. We are bringing back a new and improved food program under the direction of Ms. Riddle and Ms. Morris. Nom nom nom.
  4. Mr. Kistler is boosting the debate program this year and will be bringing Kehillah into competitions.
  5. Mr. Kuszmaul is starting our robotics program. He has led multiple programs at area schools and we are thrilled to have him join Kehillah.
  6. We have reorganized how we use the inside of our building to create better and more flexible spaces for students and teachers.
  7. We are committed to major improvements to our outside spaces to make the most of our footprint and take advantage of the gorgeous NorCal climate. (Remember: There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.)
  8. Dr. Krug is already working on an exciting range of trips for our students.
  9. We’ve completed two faculty Think Tanks to explore initiatives related to civil discourse and the science of learning. More to come on both of these initiatives.
  10. Our faculty summer read, The War for Kindness: Building Empathy in a Fractured World was deeply resonant and we are looking forward to exploring what it means for our kehillah.

There are many more reasons I can’t wait but I’m going to stop at 10 and balance all of this with some mindfulness in the form of a poem to ponder: 

Living in the Now 

What’s gone has made you what you are
So don’t fear what’s ahead

Put trust in what will be, will be
And choose to live instead
Don’t live in the now worrying
What may or may not be
Take this moment in your time
And live it totally
There’s no time like the present
Breathe deep and feel alive
Living in the here and now
Will help you rise and thrive
Now is all there ever is
It’s the only time that’s real
Let the future take its course
And leave the past to heal
– V. Hughes

I hope summer allowed you to breathe deep and feel alive, to live in the moment, to be excited about the year ahead, and to recognize that you are ready to rise and thrive. 

Warm regards and l’shalom (to peace)

Daisy Pellant, Ph.D.

Head of School 

A Community of Belonging

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