Senior Legacy Fund


About the Senior Legacy Fund

Learning beyond the classroom is a vital facet of a Kehillah education. Whether it is a class lunch to practice a new language, a visit to a San Francisco art installation, or travel around the world, we cherish opportunities to construct meaning and expand our horizons. 

Each educational travel experience bonds our community and teaches our students about themselves and the world in ways that cannot be taught by staying in classrooms or on campus. Each year, we see the transformative powers of travel and its alignment with our responsibility of tikkun olam, "repairing the world."

We want to ensure that all future Kehillah students have access to this important element of a Kehillah education - to think locally and globally and to act locally and globally. 

Funding Goal 

Over the course of five years (2023-27), the families of graduating seniors will contribute to the Senior Legacy Fund, building a $1 million restricted fund that will be used to provide financial support to traveling Kehillah students. 


Our Progress 

The Class of 2023 has been incredible in kicking off this important funding initiative. So far, we have raised $192,000.


How will we get there?

Any gift amount is appreciated! This giving matrix simply helps us see how we get to our goal of $1M.

All donations will receive a receipt that can be used for tax and/or company matching purposes.


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