Creative Coding Club

Creative Coding Club:
Escaping the hot chilli pepper!


The creative coding club was facing a problem: How can we avoid ending up with a hot chilli pepper on our hand? In a bowl were 20 Hershey kisses and one Hot Pepper. The players take turns taking out 1 to 3 Hershey kisses. The player who has to take the Hot Pepper loses. After a few games, the club leaders, Zach Berman and Josh Lipman, led a discussion at the board on how to solve this using an algorithm. The club aims to discuss algorithms, coding, and technology, in a way that is accessible and educational to all levels of programmers.

In following meetings, Zach and Josh plan to talk about GUI (Graphic User Interface), Projects the club can do ,and coding. Maybe even some subjects related to Gaming and online games.

All levels are welcome, and suggestions of subjects of interest are encouraged.

The club meets Wednesday @ lunch in Dr. Baharav’s room. (210)

Below are some pictures from today’s club meeting.


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