Art Activism

Using creativity to make positive change

Hi! We talk about topics that we feel are important and possible ways we feel we could help!

Chess Club

Chess for all experience levels

We play chess together on chess.com, and we discuss strategies. You can join as a beginner or at any level, it really doesn’t matter as long as you are interested in chess.

Debate Club

Our team attends tournaments, however this is optional. Please feel free to simply come and learn!

On this competitive team, we learn crucial research and argumentation skills including rhetoric, structure, and persuasive speaking, and attend tournaments to hone our craft and win shiny medals.

Equality and Advocacy Club

A safe space for everyone

Our goal is to spread awareness as student activists about topics we are passionate about. We hope to work on different projects that tie into our conversations within the club. Equality and Advocacy Club is a safe space for everyone. Not only do we do what is in our power to enact change, but advocacy is also empowering and feels good. 

Fun and Games Club

If you enjoy all kinds of games - this is the place to be!

We play (online adaptations of) board games and card games weekly. Examples of games we have played online so far this year include Carcassone, Coup, and Saboteur.

Gardening Club

Maintaining, planting & growing

The gardening club takes care of the Kehillah garden and is also currently maintaining some succulents near the front of the building.

People with no former gardening experience are welcome. However, it’s best to wait until the quarantine is over before joining the club since we don’t have access to the garden during meeting times, so we’re mostly limited to discussion.

GSA Club

Gender Sexuality Aliance

GSA is a place for queer students and their allies to come hang out and and discuss queer issues in a safe, welcoming space.

Israel Club

History, culture, current events and more

Join us in Israel club where we learn about the State of Israel’s history, culture and current events through engaging activities. Featuring educated discussions, speakers, and a fun environment, Israel Club is one of the best.

Jewish Life Club


The Jewish Life Commissioners (JLCs) plan holiday events and KabShab, Kehillah’s weekly Shabbat assembly, in conjunction with Kehillah’s Director of Experiential Education. JLCs collaborate with Jewish Life Committee, a group of dedicated students committed to religious life, to conceptualize and execute holidays and other Jewish events. Jewish life is by the student body for the student body, which creates a distinctly communal and creative atmosphere.

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Journalism Club

Come be a part of the student newspaper

This is the Journalism club that writes the newspaper to be sent out to the students, staff and faculty. It has a variety of different sections and anyone is able to submit if they want.

Kindness Club

A club for all things community service!

If you want to leave a meaningful impact on your community, Kindness Club is for you. We spend our meetings by doing hands-on community service to help those in need and also working to organize larger scale service projects that the entire student body can take place in. Check out this doc for more info, a list of our current projects, and what we’re doing to spread some kindness right now! Also, you can sign up here to be a tutor!

Kehillah Ramblings

Design, plan, publish!

In Ramblings, we design, plan, and produce Kehillah’s visual arts and literary journal. We brainstorm then choose a theme, create schedules and deadlines, promote open submissions, and discuss and choose submissions from the student body. In the end, we produce and share the arts journal Ramblings with the whole school and community.

Self Development Club

Self care & self improvement forum

This is a club where as a community, we will discuss topics such as procrastination, video game addiction, meditation, and essentially any other topics related to self-development. Before each meeting, club members will choose or suggest a topic; we will then begin researching the topic or trying the method. Every meeting will become a podcast that you can listen to. Check out our club update page on the Kehillah Website for more information.

Video Production Club

Lights, camera...ACTION!

The video production clubs produce one news show a month, one documentary every year, and some narrative work. The club is hoping to find people with all different kinds of skills, including video editing, writing, interviewing, audio skills, photography, and of course filmmaking. Although these skills are nice they are absolutely not required and people of any experience level are encouraged to join. Thanks and we hope you will consider checking the club out.

Women in Science Club

Aspires to inspire...

The Women in Science club (WIS), founded and run at Kehillah by Sophie Burkhardt aspires to inspire. In hopes of closing the gender gap in the sciences, the club invites women who excel in their profession to come speak about what they do, and how they got to where they are. They tell their story, their accomplishments, and their struggles. After hearing their words, we get to ask questions we have, in order to find out if this profession interests us.

Yearbook Club

Help make memories

Our club is meant for students at Kehillah to help bring their creativity and ideas to the yearbook. Yearbook club gets students involved on all levels – from collaborating with yearbook staff, to attending school events, and actively participating in something that benefits the entire school body. The staff is always looking for new photographers, writers, illustrators and designers to get involved.