Scott Legallet
History Teacher

Scott Legallet grew up in the peninsula and has since lived all around the bay area and beyond. After an undergraduate degree in Entrepreneurship from Chapman University he began his career in the culinary arts and organic agriculture. He then pivoted to education and led garden/cooking programs. He went back to school for a Master’s in Teaching from Saint Mary’s College of CA and began teaching history in Berkeley and Alameda public schools. He has taught middle and high school social studies courses from ancient civilization, world history and geography to US History, philosophy and psychology. He is a down to earth teacher who understands the importance of relationship building and connection in the classroom. Scott enjoys outdoor adventures with his wife and 2 dogs. Most weekends you will find him, his wife, and exuberant pups soaking up the sun with a frisbee and tennis ball on a continuous loop. If not, he could be cooking an intricate meal, getting dirty in a garden, engrossed in a book, or playing in a pick-up soccer game.  

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