Einav Cohen
Hebrew Teacher

Einav Cohen is a native Hebrew speaker who was born in Israel and grew up in Rechovot. She has three kids, two of which made Alia to Israel. Einav is a highly experienced Hebrew language instructor to both native and non-native speaking students, Ms. Cohen taught Hebrew language at Hebrew College in Boston before relocating to the bay area and joining the faculty at Kehillah. While in Israel, she served in the Israeli army as an officer, training cadets. She also graduated from law school at Tel Aviv University and was admitted to the Israeli Bar and the CA Bar as a lawyer. Einav practiced civil law in Israel before relocating to the Bay Area and patent law litigation in CA after joining Kehillah. Einav is also teaching high-school students at the Israeli after school Beged Kefet. In the summer of 2018 Einav started pursuing MA in teaching a language as a second language in Middlebury College.

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