Michael (Moshe) Goodman
Jewish Studies Teacher

Moshe Goodman has been a Jewish educator teaching at Jewish day schools, summer camps, and synagogues across the Jewish spectrum as well as interfaith groups for over ten years. Moshe completed his B.A in Philosophy from Yeshiva University in 2006, and studied for two years at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School. Moshe then spent six years teaching at the Abraham Joshua Heschel High School in New York, where he created a mindfulness oriented prayer group, various elective courses in Jewish Philosophy, a drama club aimed at empowering teens to create without self-judgment, as well as the Jewish Arts Teen Fellowship which gave students an opportunity to study the Bible through the lens of a creative form of their choice. At Heschel, Moshe also served as faculty mentor for the Human Rights Alliance, The Interfaith Club, and the Gay-Straight Alliance. Additionally, Moshe is a life coach certified in the Jonathan R. Wachtel System For Life Guidance as well as by the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence.

Moshe is also a theatre artist and educator, having studied acting and writing under Bruce Ornstein in New York City beginning in 2008. Moshe has since gone on to work with Wednesday Repertory Company, Naked Chicken Productions, Good-Walk Productions, and Love Creek productions. There he has written and brought to the stage over 20 of his own one act plays as well as performing in and directing many other other one act and full length plays. In 2015, Moshe founded an education and production company called “The Love Tank”, which hosts Moshe’s course in acting and playwriting. Through The Love Tank, Moshe has produced two one act collections as well as his own full length play: “The Judah Encounter,” which explores the line between reality and un-reality, our relationships with ourselves as well as Martin Buber’s theology of encounter.

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