Harjit Punj
Math Teacher

Harjit Punj was born and raised in India. Upon completing his BS in Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India, he completed his MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. After a successful career as an Information Technology professional in the Silicon Valley Semiconductor Equipment industry, he obtained his California Math teaching credential and has been a Mathematics teacher for the past ten (10) years. As a teacher in primarily private schools, he has welcomed opportunities to teach AP Physics, AP Chemistry, Computer Science Principles, and Principles of Engineering. As electives, he has taught Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Financial/Business plan development and Bollywood/Bhangra dance. Harjit enjoys every opportunity to play golf! Knowing that every child wants to learn, be happy and be successful, his educational philosophy is to create an environment that nurtures a positive self-image and self-confidence with the belief and message that success can and will happen with effort, discipline, and developing faith in one’s capabilities. His wife is also in the teaching profession and his two sons are married and live in Seattle and Austin. Harjit has one beloved grandson.

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