Kehillah Graduation Information for Seniors Only!

  • Sunday, June 7th @ 11:00 AM

    Pre-Graduation Rehearsal

    This is a Zoom link for the pre-graduation rehearsal CLICK HERE. This link is active and will work for both rehearsal as well as our actual 2020 Graduation!

  • Sunday, June 7th @ 2:00 PM


    What you will need:

    • Wear your gown, hat, tassel, and stole

    • A device to connect to zoom to participate as well as view graduation (we suggest the viewing tab be on a separate screen)

    • Celebrate! Make signs, get confetti, blow up balloons, decorate your living room, etc. – celebrate your moment in the spotlight! (note: your zoom feed will be muted to ensure there is no feedback)

  • Sunday, June 7th @ 5:00 PM

    Drive-By Graduation Celebration!

    In the Kehillah Parking Lot

    We are so excited that Santa Clara Country has allowed car parades! Decorate your cars and prepare to drive through the Kehillah parking lot in celebration.

    • Decorate your car with any fun signs or graduation gear you would like and begin lining up at the entrance to Kehillah by 4:45 pm.  We ask that you line up your cars coming from the north (and heading southbound) on Fabian Way into the school.  If needed, our staff will redirect cars to maintain traffic flow into the parking lot.

    • Pay close attention to the traffic monitors who will help this be organized and safe.

    • Once the line begins to move, and your car reaches the front entrance, we will hand you your diploma. Then you can choose to leave your car for a moment to have your picture taken with a Kehillah backdrop. Parents are welcome to join for a 2nd family picture.  Please wear your caps and gowns!

    • Please note that you will not be able to leave your family car except for the moment of getting your diploma and taking a picture (per county Covid-19 orders).

    • At the exit, there will be a box for the organization, Gowns4Good, which collects graduation robes and donates them to hospitals and medical facilities.

    • As you leave, you can wave to some Kehillah staff who will be in the parking lot to send their greetings.  After that…you are off to celebrate your graduation with your families.

order of ceremony

  • Baby Pictures Intro Video

  • Welcome to Graduation - LIVE

    Patti Carbery

  • Star-Spangled Banner

    Samuel Fisher

  • Hatikvah

    Derron Mendel

  • Welcome Blessing

    Rabbi Darren Kleinberg

  • This is the class of 2020 - LIVE

    Patti Carbery

  • D’var Torah - LIVE

    Dov Factor

  • Our Story - LIVE

    Ari Glenn and Benjamin Lipman

  • Student Reflection - LIVE

    Cameron Golub

  • Introduction of the Senior Video

    Shir Talmor

  • Senior Video

  • Student Reflection - LIVE

    Rachel Osband

  • Looking Forward

    Lillian Guggenheim

  • Commencement Speaker

    Nathan Bennett

  • Charge to the Juniors LIVE

    Hannah Stern & Sarah Martinson

  • Appreciation - LIVE

    Caroline Kramer & Maya Antebi

  • Short Musical Intermission

  • Presentation of Diplomas LIVE

    Sam Rudin
    Sam Fisher
    Ella Lavian
    Yotam Saban
    Jesse Murnin
    Sawyer Anderson
    Sarah Martinson
    Ari Nathaniel Glenn
    Rachel Courtney Osband
    Andrew Lin
    Rhea Hewett
    Alex Gornish
    Naomi Spritzer
    Georgina Stewart
    Michelle Zemlyak
    Isabella Chierici
    Dov Eliezer Factor
    Sydney Gee
    Jason Green
    Genna Landi
    Tavi Handler
    Caroline Bell
    Shay M Firsty
    Chloe Jedwood
    Caroline Kramer
    Lillian Rose Guggenheim
    Avery Caleb Krantz-Fire
    Maya Antebi
    Oren Kohavi
    Shir Talmor
    Noah Fischer
    Emily Mullen
    Max Westerman
    Zev Kalechofsky
    Gabrielle Kroot
    Maya Churi
    Sanjay Raj
    Edward Fisher
    Benjamin Lipman
    Cameron Elias Golub
    Isaiah Rose Yisrael
    Anne Michelle Kelley
    Hannah Elizabeth Stern
    Spencer Ronald Richmond
    Natalie Choi
    Sierra Masri
    Jacob Darnell
    Naomi Shanson
    Benjamin Cohen
    Izzy Schireson
    Rachel Homayonfar
    Derron Micah Mendel
    Graham Charles Piercey

  • Surprise & Short Musical Intermission

  • Turning the Tassel & Removal of Cap Celebration

  • Senior Portraits Outro Video

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