Saying Leich l’shalom/Farewell to Departing Faculty


During the past year of Covid-19, most schools across the country experienced an unprecedented transition of educators into new professional opportunities. Kehillah is no exception to this trend. Adventures as far away as South Africa and France, and as close to home as Belmont, are allowing several teachers and staff members to pursue new professional or family opportunities. We thank this talented group of educators for their distinguished service to Kehillah and wish them all the best in their next endeavors.

 We wish you the best of luck on your next chapter!

Adin Anderson,
Learning Services Coordinator

Sarah Canfield,
Director of Experiential Education

Jared Leaderman,
Director of Counseling & Wellness

Lauren McElhatton,
Assistant Principal

Sarah Muszynski,
English Teacher

Isela Ochoa,
Administrative Assistant

Elisheva Salamo,
Jewish Studies teacher

Gina Strafelda,
Spanish Teacher

Jude Wolf,
Director of Learning Services

Tracy Woodham,
English Teacher

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    02/21/2023  10:00 am - 10:30 am
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