Kehillah Fund – 8 Days of Light

Hanukah, the Jewish holiday of lights, is here and we have arrived at the end of the calendar year. We invite you to learn about all of the ways gifts to The Kehillah Fund brings light to our community. Special thanks to all of our families and friends who have already given generously to the Kehillah Fund.

Please consider a meaningful donation to the Kehillah Fund. Your gift will make a difference!

Every gift counts, no matter the amount and is deeply appreciated.

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    A Glow From Within

    As we wrap up our last Admissions Open House of the school year, we can’t help but feel a special warmth and excitement emanating from within our school and community. Current students and staff are at a new level of excitement when hosting prospective families at Kehillah.

    Last year, a group of faculty and staff started an ongoing project called the Kehillah Design Project (KDP). This is an ongoing, collaborative project that simultaneously addresses the needs of our school and creates a visual and functional appeal. Over the summer, we continued the project with Stage Two, which continued the internal work of Stage One. Your support gives Kehillah the ability to continue the KDP project, upgrading the look and use of our common areas, encouraging current students to find and help define spaces where they feel most comfortable and can learn best. It also gives prospective students visiting Kehillah the chance to really see and feel who we are, and more importantly, see who they could be while experiencing our campus.

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    Sharing the Glow

    Kehillah is committed to providing critical financial aid for those families who otherwise would not be able to benefit from a Kehillah education. This year, we have awarded more than $2.4 million in financial aid to ensure that a Kehillah education is available to all families. We rely on the support of our community to continue providing these scholarships.

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    Crafting the Flame

    Support for the Kehillah Fund makes an immediate and meaningful impact on our school, creating opportunities for program enrichment that tuition alone does not cover.

    At Kehillah, students embark on a journey of self-discovery guided by a community of passionate educators who provide a robust curriculum in the sciences, mathematics, the humanities, world languages, and visual and performing arts. The classroom experience at Kehillah includes debate, dialogue, critical inquiry, and experimentation bringing every class to life. Each student is challenged, actively encouraged, and supported to reach his or her potential.

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    Match to Your Flame

    Kehillah is fortunate to count an extraordinary donor amongst our supporters who is committed to making the Kehillah Fund as successful as possible. Our families and friends take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to double or even triple the impact of their gift. Our matching campaign runs from September 1st-December 31st, where gifts are matched up to $500,000. 

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    Carrying the Flame

    Support for the Kehillah Fund ensures that we are able to deliver on our four commitments. These commitments are the pillars of our foundation that enables us to create extraordinary futures. Listen to our alumni speak about their own experiences at Kehillah and how Kehillah prepared them for life after High School. Alumni Testimonials

    Each year, our seniors are admitted to highly selective schools, such as Stanford, Yale, Brown, California Institute of Technology, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, and Princeton, and each of the campuses of the University of California, as well as excellent public universities and private liberal arts colleges throughout the country. List of Last 3 Years of College Acceptances

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    Fueling the Fire

    Support for the Kehillah Fund ensures that Kehillah is able to attract and retain exceptional, passionate educators that inspire and guide our students each day. Our faculty is distinguished by mastery in the subjects they teach, infusing their lessons with knowledge and passion. 27 of our 35 faculty members hold advanced degrees and several have published work. The Kehillah Fund also supports extraordinary opportunities for professional development contributing to professional and personal growth.

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    Sharing the Warmth

    Our excursions are outside-the-classroom experiences where our students go places together and live Kehillah’s four commitments. From our all-school opening retreat (Kinnus) to our all-school Community Service Day, to each of our grade-level trips, excursions are the highlights of the year. Each excursion includes the Kehillah Service Learning Initiative. The Kehillah Service Learning Initiative gives students the opportunity to give back to communities near and far and helps students become citizens of the world who are socially aware and engaged, who desire and work for a more just and kind world, with their actions guided by compassion, critical thinking, and Jewish values.

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    All Lights Burning Bright

    Jewish day schools already include many who do not self-identify as Jews. Parents, faculty, staff members, board members, and donors often include non-Jews. If we are comfortable accepting non-Jews in those parts of our school communities, why not in our student body? 

    Read more on this topic from our former Head of School, Rabbi Darren Kleinberg Ph.d. here.