Why give to the Kehillah Fund? This simple question was posed to me recently and I’ve been thinking about it following the launch of the fund last month. Rather than share a quote from an ancient sage or modern Rabbi, I’ll answer from my own point of view.

  • • I give because it tangibly reminds me that I have a responsibility to actively care for others.
  • • I give because I am incredibly fortunate to have a job I love.
  • I give because I have not always been so fortunate and others have given to me.
  • I give because I want Kehillah to be the very best it can be for our students today, including my own graduating senior.
  • I give because every adolescent should have the opportunity to benefit from the unique Kehillah experience of academic excellence and personalized learning.
  • I give because Kehillah should have a campus where our students love to learn with the best and most well-supported faculty, and where they love to play and hang out with friends.
  • I give because our students will benefit from the opportunity to see the world and serve the world.
  • I give because I believe a community rooted in Jewish values helps to raise adults who will go out and change the world.
  • I give because giving allows me to be a part of the Kehillah story now and for future generations.

I’d love to hear your answer to the question, Why do you give to the Kehillah Fund? 

Thank you to everyone who has already made a donation. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to support the Kehillah Fund, please donate or make a pledge following the links below. For questions about the Kehillah Fund, please reach out to Eric Weller, Director of Advancement.


Each year, we have ambitious goals. With your generosity let’s reach beyond these goals and open the doors to a very bright future for Kehillah. 

Warm regards,


Daisy Pellant, Ph.D.

Head of School 

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