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Kehillah alumni know first hand the significance of a supportive community. We are so proud of the sense of belonging that is fostered here . We continually work towards facilitating connectivity and staying in touch with alum is always a delight. Their stories and successes after Kehillah are a testament to the foundation that is provided in this uniquely wonderful place.

We are always eager to hear your stories, and share your voices as an ongoing part of our community. Drop an email to Deena Riddle, Director of Marketing & Events, or Robert Smith, Director of Admissions, and let us know what your time has been like since high school. Be a part of the alumni voices, we will always welcome you in!

There are a variety of ways to have an positive impact in this community, lend your voice, your time, or give a gift that impacts current students. Helping sets a positive example and impacts everyone by fostering a culture of philanthropy.

Recent alumni we were SO happy to hear from! You are amazing!

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    Kehillah Class of 2015
    Student at Loyola Marymount University

    “Kehillah helped me grow as a whole person, not just a student.”

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    Kehillah Class of 2011
    Graduate of Chapman University
    Currently working at UC Riverside

    “Kehillah prepared me for life after high school by showing me it’s okay to ask questions, especially in the classroom. The intimate classroom settings prepared me for college and showed me the proper way to interact with teachers/professors that was beneficial to my learning.”

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    Kehillah Class of 2013
    Graduate of UCLA
    Currently working in the PR/Marketing industry in NYC

    “The individualized attention from teachers and counselors and plethora of ways to get involved definitely helped me succeed in high school and get into my dream college (UCLA). I also developed a love for theater at Kehillah, and this passion has stayed with me through college and beyond.”

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    Kehillah Class of 2012
    Graduate of Yale University
    Current Graduate Student at PGSP-Stanford PsyD Consortium

    “I’m incredibly grateful for the individual attention and guidance that the teachers at Kehillah provided. Instead of being just a number, they knew my name, my strengths, my weaknesses, and how to motivate me. In terms of care and support, there’s no place that does more than Kehillah.”

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    Kehillah Class of 2010
    UC Davis & Carnegie Mellon University (Graduate School)
    Freelance Corporate Communications Writer & University Writing Tutor / Pursuing MA in Writing

    “Kehillah taught me to always keep learning.”

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    Kehillah Class of 2011
    Graduate of the College of Charleston
    Associate Director Of Development at The Jewish Federation of Raleigh-Cary

    “Kehillah prepared me for the rigorous course-load I would have at university. When I entered university, I was several credits ahead of my peers, putting me in more advanced classes. Because of this advantage, I graduated with 2 degrees in 3 years. All of my leadership opportunities at Kehillah prepared me to take on leadership and internship roles early on in my collegiate career. “

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    Kehillah Class of 2016
    Student at Princeton University Majoring in Physics
    Researcher in Quantum Field Theory and String Theory / Aspiring PhD in Theoretical Physics

    “Kehillah gave me a place to figure out how I best learn … which really allowed me to pursue my passion.”

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    Kehillah Class of 2016
    Student at Vassar College

    “Aside from the more obvious academic preparation, which was strong and very helpful, Kehillah gave me so many opportunities to take charge of my own education and take chances in a supportive environment. This has given me confidence in myself to go after things that seem difficult, and valuable knowledge of how to create the path that works best for myself.”

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    Kehillah Class of 2012
    Graduate of Northeastern University
    Currently working at Compass Working Capital

    “Kehillah supported me in building leadership skills and developing strong relationships with peers and teachers, which offered important tools as I entered in college and beyond.”

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    Kehillah Class of 2017
    Student at Barnard College

    “The Jewish value of learning for the sake of learning and treating everyone equally still guides me. Also, Kehillah taught me to listen and learn from all kinds of people. I was taught to sit in the disagreement and enjoy hashing thoughts out.”

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    Kehillah Class of 2009
    UC Davis (BS, BA) Stanford (Ph.D.)
    Statistician and Geneticist

    “Kehillah’s close and small environment was a key training ground for building my confidence and learning to advocate for myself… a calm place with caring students that’s also very serious about academics, learning, and bettering students.”

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    Kehillah Class of 2014
    Chabot Community College
    Current Sales Associate at Lush Cosmetics

    “The teachers put their hearts and souls into their classes and making sure students have the support and help they need in order to succeed not only in class but in life. Never take that kind of love for granted!”

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    Kehillah Class of 2016
    Student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

    “In looking at my challenges during my time at Kehillah, I often default to the C+ that I got in Hebrew my freshman year. Due to the fact that I am a native Hebrew speaker, I expected to succeed in Hebrew class with very little effort; to say the least, this grade hit my face full force. It forced me to re-evaluate my academic effort, and, with the help of the faculty, I slowly began to rebuild my academic life to match my expectations. From there on out, I was an A+ student in Hebrew. The lesson to be learned here is that Kehillah’s faculty looks at individual student’s passions and works with them 1:1 to ensure that their goals are reached. This process taught me skills such as self-determination, goal-setting, and persistence that I still carry with me today. “

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    Kehillah Class of 2013
    Graduate of University of Maryland, Former IDF Soldier, Current Student at Hebrew University

    “At Kehillah I was challenged to make a difference in a small community, there were constant opportunities to innovate within the classroom and in extracurriculars. At Kehillah I took on many leadership roles being on student government, president of Israel Club, and the captain of the Volleyball and Basketball teams. These experiences in leadership, with the support of teachers and faculty both gave me hard skills for the future, and the feeling that I could achieve things and make a difference, all it took was dedication.”

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    Shani B.

    Kehillah Class of 2010
    Graduate of Stern College & Brown University (Graduate School)
    CEO and Founder of AVIV (Direct-to-consumer allergy & nasal health care company)

    “Kehillah prepared me to follow my own unique path, pursue many diverse interests and career opportunities, be creative and entrepreneurial, and eventually have the courage to launch my own company.”

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    Shani C.

    Kehillah Class of 2009
    Graduate of the University of Puget Sound & University of Houston (Graduate School)
    Student Cantor & B’nei Mitzvah Tutor

    “I knew that at Kehillah, I was valued and could really make a difference. I was not just a number or statistic, but a real person who people cared about and believed in.”

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    Kehillah Class of 2012
    Graduate of the UC Santa Barbara
    Community Program Specialist for the City of San Mateo’s Office of Diversity and Equity, Behavioral Health and Recovery Services

    “I really appreciated the strong connection to values [Kehillah] fostered. I studied hard with friends, who also studied hard, and was supported to be entrepreneurial by teachers.”

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    Kehillah Class of 2007
    Hamilton College
    CEO, OsmoBot

    “I love to learn, I love to question the world around me, I love to find new lenses to view the world and challenge my existing beliefs… I don’t think I would have found this part of myself that I so deeply enjoy had I not spent four years steeped in it at Kehillah.”

Much have I learned from my teachers,
more from my colleagues,
but most from my students.

– Talmud, Ta’anIt 7b

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