Key Dates

(check back as we will add dates as they arise)
October 25 Final day for financial assistance requests
November 21 Deposit Due @ Kehillah (checks only)
November 30  Balance Due @ Kehillah (checks only)
December 15 Final day to submit flight info FORM

Trip Details

Dates: 2/27/23-3/10/23 (Depart February 27-Return March 10, 2023 – flights arrive 28th/leave on 9th)

Tour provider: TiyulJewish Journeys (Berkeley, CA)

Tour leader: Ariel Goldstein

Kehillah tour co-leaders: Robert Smith & Maria Vicenty

Chaperones: Einav Cohen, Max Daniel, Jeff Holcomb, Jen Idelman, Daisy Pellant

Cost w/out flights: $3295 

This covers all activities, transportation, lodging, and most food. It is recommended that students bring a modest amount of spending money for a few snacks or meal choice times (out at a market, for example) and any souvenirs. The amount is up to each family to decide. We will help them exchange it but we expect students to be responsible for any money they bring.

Right now, the USD is quite strong so a little will go a long way.

Deposit: $800 Received by November 1, 2022  – Payment by check only 

Balance: Balance DUE by November 30, 2022 – Payment by check only

From Tiyul:


The deposit is 100% refundable for cancellations made prior to November 15, 2022. Deposit is non-refundable for cancellation made after November 15, 2022. Final payment is due on November 30, 2022. No refunds will be given after the final payment date.


We guarantee 100% return of your trip payments to TIYUL if due to the Covid-19 pandemic Uruguay and/or Argentina closes its borders, United States prohibits travel to Uruguay and/or Argentina, or flights are prohibited between United States and Uruguay and/or Argentina. As a condition of travel, all adult travelers (16+ years of age) must provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination.

Other Important Information:

If you need financial assistance with the flight and/or the trip, please contact Robert Smith, directly. 

Deadline for requesting financial assistance: October 25, 2022.

The price Kehillah families pay for a grade-level trip does not fully cover the cost to the school. One of the many things our Kehillah Fund (KFund) helps to support is our school trip program. If you would like to contribute to the KFund with this in mind, please contact Eric Weller, Director of Advancement. If you would like to underwrite a portion of grade-level trips, please contact Rabbi Dennis Eisner, Major Gifts.

While we expect every student to travel with their grade, we understand that there are sometimes mitigating circumstances that do not allow a student to travel. For those students, there is a required experiential education program based out of Kehillah’s campus. 



UNITED AIRLINES - February 27 (arrival next day) - March 9 (arrival next day)
UA1745 Departs San Francisco (SFO) 2/27 @ 1:00PM
Arrives Houston  (IAH) 2/27 @ 6:50PM
UA 819 Departs Houston (IAH) 2/27 @ 8:20PM
Arrives Buenos Aires (EZE) 2/28 @ 9:20AM
UA 818 Departs Buenos Aires (EZE) 3/9 @10:05PM
Arrives Houston  (IAH) 3/10 @ 5:25AM
UA 1513 Departs Houston (IAH) 3/10 @ 7:25 AM
Arrives San Francisco (SFO) 3/10 9:50 AM


DELTA AIRLINES February 27 (arrival next day) - March 9 (arrival next day)
DL 809 Departs San Jose (SJC) 2/27 @ 12:34PM
Arrives Atlanta (ATL) 2/27 @ 8:09PM
DL 101 Departs Atlanta (ATL) 2/27 @ 8:50PM
Arrives Buenos Aires (EZE) 2/28 @ 9:00AM
DL 110 Departs Buenos Aires (EZE) 3/9 @ 9:15PM
Arrives Atlanta (ATL) 3/10 @ 5:45AM
DL 809 Departs  Atlanta (ATL) 3/10 @ 9:00 AM
Arrives San Jose (SJC) 3/10 @ 11:24 AM


AMERICAN AIRLINES February 27 (arrival next day) - March 9 (arrival next day)
AA 2046 Departs San Jose (SJC) 2/27 @ 12:20PM
Arrives Dallas (DFW) 2/27 @ 5:50PM
AA 997 Departs Dallas (DFW) 2/27 @ 6:45PM
Arrives Buenos Aires (EZE) 2/28 @ 8:15AM
AA 996 Departs Buenos Aires (EZE) 3/9 @ 8:55PM
Arrives Dallas (DFW) 3/10 @ 5:10AM
AA 2046 Departs Dallas (DFW)) 3/10 @ 8:30 AM
Arrives San Jose (SJC) 3/10 10:20 AM
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