Our Story & Commitments

physics-flying-pigsOUR STORY

Kehillah Jewish High School is distinguished by an exceptional academic program and a supportive environment.

At Kehillah, students embark on a journey of self-discovery guided by a community of passionate educators. They graduate with the knowledge, values, and community that enable them to create extraordinary futures.


1) Everyone Counts
We embrace the diversity of our student community by ensuring that every member knows that they count.

2) Everyone Has Equal Access To Great Learning
Embracing the diversity of our student body, we educate to each student and recognize that each student has a unique learning style.

3) Everyone’s Unique Talents Are Valued Equally
Some students are strong in math, others great writers. Some students have a great jump-shot while others produce breathtaking art. Some students are gregarious, while others choose quietude. We recognize this diversity and affirm that we are the better for it.

4) We Take Responsibility For Ourselves, Our Learning, And Our Community
We look to our diverse community and ask each member to step up and take ownership of their learning, of their school, and of their community.