Dr. Dana Hobson, Ph.D.
Math Teacher

Dr. Dana Hobson received his Ph.D. in Applied Math from CalTech and taught undergraduate math at MIT for two years. After 4 years working at a defense lab, he took a 20-year side trip into the investment and payments industries. He is overjoyed to return from corporate America to the education world at Kehillah.

Dr. Hobson’s believes that focusing first on students as individuals leads to the best experiences, assisting those who need extra help, inspiring those who are ready for more and encouraging everyone to find the fun in math. He is an avid fan of puzzles and board games and uses these to help students broaden their exposure to math as well as making connections between subjects.

Dr. Hobson lives in San Francisco with his wife, a native of Japan, and is an eternal student of the Japanese language. He enjoys distance running and does yoga every morning.