Zachi Baharav, Ph.D.
Math / Science / Technology Teacher

Dr. Baharav has more than 30 issued US patents, published over 40 scientific papers and chapters, and is a distinguished lecturer and a Senior member of the IEEE. In addition to keynote talks in numerous professional conferences, Dr. Baharav taught graduate classes in SJSU, and math and CS in local colleges.

Dr. Baharav is resident of Palo Alto together with his wife and their two kids. When not teaching, he enjoys spending time with family and the outdoors. As an ultrarunner, he likes running on the local hills. He completed WS-100 endurance run and cross-trains in swimming and biking. As a chess player, he can be seen at times at the local chess events.

His teaching style combines project-based and hands-on activities, with a strong emphasis on basic principles. He believes that offering a multitude of approaches to learn a subject can help engage students and make learning fun. In his classes and life, he emphasizes reflection and contemplation.

Published Work: